Hygienic Interiors Ltd specializes in installing Homogenous Heat Welded Sheet Flooring to Walls Floors and Ceilings at any Facility or Location that calls for a Clean Controlled Environment as a standard requirement.

We have carried out many Vinyl installations to Walls Floors ,Ceilings to various locations throughout the United Kingdom providing a complete hygienic package to satisfy our customers requirements.

Locations include:

Cleanrooms, Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, Research Facilities, Laboratories, Hospitals, Healthcare Facilities.

Once installed Vinyl provides a Durable Seamless Wipe-able surface free of Germ harbouring joints and grout lines. All wall to floor and wall to ceiling junctions are covered and heat welded, providing a smooth easy clean surface that inhibits the growth of Mrsa and other Bacteria essential when a Hygienic/Sterile environment is a requirement.

Where Slip resistance is an issue we provide an extensive range of Safety flooring to compliment our wall finishes.



Hospital wards, Operating theatres, Dental suites, Dialysis Rooms.


Cleanrooms, Blender rooms, Sterile facilities, GMP rooms,
Processing rooms.


Laboratories, Biotechnology, Blood Product, Cancer research.


Cost effective, Low maintenance, Inhibits Mrsa Growth, Heat welded, No Joints, Hygienic, Smooth,
Seamless Easy Clean Surface, Class 1 Fire rated.

Wall vinyl is a 2mm thick 2 meter wide Homogenous heavy duty grade flooring vinyl, durable and hard wearing yet pliable enough to wrap around external and internal miters avoiding weak and sharp corners. All, joints, floor/ceiling mitres are heat welded providing a smooth hygienic easy clean surface .

With many years of experience Hygienic Interiors Ltd can offer help and advice on specification and installation on projects from conception through to completion.

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Historically, PVC Wall Vinyl has generally been installed to Medical and Research Facilities mainly due to a limited choice of materials and colours and an unawareness of the product leaving Ceramic tiles as an only option.

Times have changed. In areas that require a Durable, Impervious and Waterproof wall covering that is both Hygienic and easy to clean. Wall vinyl is an ideal alternative to ceramic wall tiles.

Once installed all joints are heat welded offering a smooth seamless non water penetrative surface that is free from unsightly joints and stained grout lines. Wall vinyl offers a cost effective heavy duty finish that is supplied with a PUR protective finish that aids cleaning and results in the wall surface retaining its initial appearance far longer than ceramic wall tiles.

It is ideally suited to changing areas ,swimming pools , bathrooms. walk in showers and wet rooms to such locations as Leisure centres Sports halls Hotels and any facility that calls for a aesthetic and functional wall finish.

Wall vinyl is 2mm thick 2.0 meter wide smooth homogenous sheet vinyl that is Durable yet easy to clean and maintain available in 100s of colourways and finishes that will enhance any location.

In Wet area locations where Slip resistance is essential for wet and bare feet traffic we have an extensive range of textured non slip flooring ranges to compliment our wall finishes. providing a fully tanked water proof system.

Locations include:

Leisure Centres, Swimming Pools, Sports Halls, Changing areas, Bathrooms, Walk in Showers, Wet Rooms, Hotel Ensuite Bathrooms,


SPA, Swimming Pools, Hotels, Leisure and many other places.


Cost effective, No Grout Joints, Full Welded System, Smooth Wipeable Surface, Easy clean, Functional, Low Maintenance, Durable, Seamless, Inibits Mrsa Growth, Easy clean, Class 1 Fire Rated.

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